Decorating on a Budget? Why Your Flooring Choice Doesn’t Have to Suffer

Decorating a home, designing its aesthetic, whether new or old, is truly an adventure. There will most definitely be mysteries ahead. You’ll meet new characters—some that you may like and others that you will truly detest. You’ll have to make life or death decisions, ones with huge implications and lasting pay-offs.

…Okay, okay so we may be building this up to heights higher than the average home model. But that’s how excited the Knox Carpets team gets about this facet of our business.

So when we run into customers who are concerned about the path ahead because of cost, we immediately fight to dispel this rumor. We want each and every one of you to be able to paint the blank canvas of your property, however you may please.

Decorating-on-a-BudgetSo while we can’t give you a guaranteed steel on an antique lamp, or tile your kitchen with Italian marble for bottom dollar, we can ensure that one of the largest surfaces in your house will be blanketed in premium, but low priced materials.

How do we make this miracle happen? We base our business off of working hard and playing nice. We play nice with distributors and designers across the country and beyond. These guys are so awesome to work with. It’s why we can truly get behind every product line on our Website and in our showroom.

How can we make such a bold statement? Because we’ve done the homework. We’re more than happy to take the time out of our day to visit these showrooms and really experience the product. This isn’t just a run of our hands over the carpet and call it a day. This isn’t a five-minute look and go. No way, Jose. This takes time. And it takes comprehensive conversations with the experts to understand the evolution of the processes and materials involved in this industry.

There are extensive criteria on both our list and the lists of our business partners that need to be met. Our criteria run the gamut from texture and durability (smooth and long lasting) to pill and maintenance (low and as easy as possible). And our distributors and designers expect this from us. A truly symbiotic business friendship between our team members and the designers and distributors will only elevate all parties involved.

So we embrace these relationships. And we’re smart about making new ones. Because if we’re going to introduce a new line of product into our inventory, we’re going to do it with your needs in mind. Remember the cast of characters that we describe in the aforementioned adventure of home decoration? We like to think that we’re if not the protagonist (that’s you, our dear customers), then definitely the close friend or sidekick that helps save the day. Because when you install one of the products of Knox Carpets, you truly have saved the day for everyone who is lucky enough to grace the final product of your home.