The Science of Color and How it Pertains to Your Rug

The Science of Color and How it Pertains to Your RugThe science behind colors is so interesting. There are colors that draw out emotions of every type and magnitude. Certain colors will make you think of food, recall vivid memories, even make you miss a person. Think about your favorite color. What do you associate with it? If its orange, do you think of Halloween pumpkins and candies? If its blue, do you think of the ocean- tranquil and calm? Kind of mind boggling, right?

As you guessed, this science easily translates to home renovations and design, including the color of your rug. It goes above and beyond design principles to interweave the color of your rug into the design scheme of the space, and hopes to explain both your style as an individual, but also add a layer of meaning to your surroundings.

Experts describe color as a form of non-verbal communication. The color that you choose for your rug will communicate an energy and a feeling for the space that your visitors are in. Here is a brief overview of different colors that you can choose for your rug and what they could mean to you:

Red: red is a fiery color, the color of fire astrology signs. It stands for energy and passion, it’s a call to action. Did you know that the color red can actually enhance your metabolism or encourage you to work out? It’s frequently seen in exercise studios for this very reason. There are several layers to red which can bring out different feelings, depending on which shade you choose. The lighter the red, the more joy and passion that can be evoked. The darker- the more courage and willpower you may feel.

Yellow: There are probably no surprises here—yellow is seen as the happiest and most cheerful color of the rainbow. What may surprise you however is that yellow can also connect with the left, more logical part of the brain and relate to knowledge. This is a great color to add a little pop to any interior design.

Green: You’ll find different hues of green at meditation and yoga studios, because it’s a great champion for harmony and for balance. It complements the cheeriness of yellow and sends out vibes of endurance and growth. For many it brings up thoughts around plant life.

Blue: As aforementioned, blue is most often seen as the tranquil color. Looking for a calming experience? Instill some blue in your life, incorporate it into your surroundings. Or just dive into a giant pool if you have one of those lying around. Ironically blue also is associated with security, with sincerity and with increased confidence. This makes sense if you think about it, because you’re calm, cool and collected.

Of course, there are many more crayons in the box so to speak, and the science of colors is an extensive one. Looking for recommendations on what color to choose for your rug? Give the Knox Carpets team a shout! We’d love to help.