Why Carpet At All?

If you think about it, carpets and carpeting in general, are a truly weird invention. We want to create a specific material for the ground under our feet? We find comfort and solace digging our toes into the luxurious textiles that make up your Knox Carpets? We care that much about what the toughest skin on our bodies experience every day? Especially when they’re in socks or shoes? Man, our feet must have a wee bit of a diva complex.

Truth be told, they may have earned it. Our feet take the brunt of our weight moving around in our day-to-day lives, no matter what our occupation or way of spending our days, may be. If we’re athletic, then they’re moving quickly or twisting or turning, or we’re forcing them into new shapes. If we work in a heavily industrial position, then they are literally the foundation of a successful day, when we need to stand around or move around frequently. Should you choose to frolic around on rough or dirty ground, the likelihood that you actually hurt your feet or step on something dangerous is not an out of the ordinary occurrence. Point one for the carpets.

Another benefit that we’ve probably become so used to, that we don’t even notice it anymore? Insulation! When the temperatures begin to drop, the rain starts to pound outside and we hurry home as soon as possible to the warmth and comfort of our homes, it’s partly in-thanks to that glorious carpet that we continue to stomp all over. Homes that have carpets are exponentially more likely to keep the warm air inside and the cold drafts outside. If you think about it, insulation that is pushed into the crevices of areas like your attic or basement bears a striking resemblance to the spring and bounce of your carpet, now doesn’t it?

We know that our historical ancestors did just fine with wooden floors and rocky ground underneath. That’s probably because they didn’t know any better. Once they did, look how quickly materials for underfoot flooring advanced. From blankets and throws, woven by hand on giant looms, to hand-embroidered area rugs, to the wall-to-wall carpeting that we see as standard today, carpeting is one industry that has had a major trajectory in speed of growth.

1For us here at Knox Carpets, that’s truly awe inspiring. Each and every day when we come into work, we are wondering when we’ll hear about the next innovation in the carpeting industry. Strike that, we’re chasing that next innovation. We chase it through intensive research and exploration, and part of that is simply appreciating how far the product itself has come. Who knows what the future will bring? We just know that our team will be at the forefront of it, every step of the way. (Pun intended).

So we say thanks to our feet. You’ve had one heck of a day and we think that you’ve earned that carpet that you just picked out with the help of your Knox Carpets team.