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At Knox Carpets Kilsyth we have a great range of quality carpets and flooring to suit any budget. Our friendly staff are trained to help you make the right decision with your flooring needs by matching your lifestyle, taste and budget to the best possible solution and our large range ensures you have the right product that will provide you with many years of lasting comfort and aesthetic appeal.

And because it's not just the quality of the product that counts, our team also includes the best carpet and floor layers in Victoria with over 200+ years of combined experience, to ensure your new floors not just look perfect but last as long as they should. No job is too big or too small for our team.


Cosy Carpets, Beautiful Bamboo,
Versatile Vinyl, Timeless Timber,
Lovely Laminate...we have it all in our store!

If an elegant and beautiful carpet in Ferntree Gully is everything you need to make your house look the way you always wanted then here at Knox Carpets you’ll find the right solution for you. We pride ourselves on our capacity to adapt to the different needs of our customers, we have solutions that adapt to your specific budget and what you expect to achieve in terms of decoration. Knox Carpets is the leading business offering carpet in Ferntree Gully, what we take as a serious commitment is making sure our customers are happy with their purchase and it is a consistent solution to any issue they are facing.

In order to make sure our carpet in Ferntree Gully is the definite solution for you we offer many different types of carpets in varied colours and textures so you can choose the one that suits your apartment or house’s decoration best and highlights those elegant details that make your house visually appealing and elegant. When you choose Knox Carpets you’re making the right choice towards finding a premium quality carpet in Ferntree Gully that will last longer than you expect and will endure the traffic in the area no matter how heavy it is. We keep in mind cleaning your house is very important so all our solutions are easy to maintain and vacuum taking only a couple of minutes of your time.

Our team of experience experts is ready to assist you and help you complete your purchase successfully. If we don’t have the carpet in Ferntree Gully you need, we’ll help you find it at the most competitive prices because your satisfaction is our main goal here at Knox Carpets. Contact us today and we’ll provide you with all the information you need related to our products and services.


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